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Shark Owner's Manual Feedback

Postby jeb2cav » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:23 pm

Hi Folks,

Starting a post to collect feedback on the current Shark Family Owner's Manual. If you're not aware of it or haven't read it, you can find a copy here -

If you have read it, and have feedback - good or bad, you can post on this thread, or send me a PM. Identifying what was useful is just as useful as feedback on what 'isn't there'.

You're welcome to include feedback on the instruction sheets included with the dust shoe, touch plate, and touch probe accessories as well.
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Re: Shark Owner's Manual Feedback

Postby REG » Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:56 am

I think the obvious changes are needed based on the changes of the Shark Controller. Being that there are now more "option" tabs (the scan probe and the touch plate). I also think it would be nice to have the manual done in chapters such as; assemebly, setup, precautions, use, accessories. As it is, there is just a table of contents.

Unrelated directly to the manual but an important feature of owning a NWA product is the NWA download page. It is a mess and very confusing. Any new owner is already overwhelmed with getting the new Shark CNC out of the box and setup then to go to the NWA download page to figure out what is what.
There are also a number of poorly directed downloads such as the post processors. The download page states this:


CNCShark-USB_NewArcs_inch Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (Added 1/13/2012)

CNCShark-USB_NewArcs_mm.pp Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (Added 1/13/2012)

CNCShark-USB_3dContour_inch Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (Added 1/13/2012)

CNCShark-USB_3dContour_mm.pp Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (Added 1/13/2012)

But this is misguided instruction. The pp will only work with VCarve and Aspire. Even the manual (the pdf file right above the file links) instructs the same, to install the PP in the appropriate folder of the Vectric programs.
I got errors that I had to resort to the forum for the cause and solution. That should not be - if you have a download and instructions, support and troubleshooting should be on that page, not at another web site.
It's great to have NWA constantly refining the controller software, most of us want the latest and greatest - hopefully it is less "buggie."

NWA has come a long way since I received my Shark two years ago. The manual was more like a simple brochure. However, I believe some errors in instructions and downloads posted 10 months ago should be fixed a little faster.

Well, that's my ranting for this topic.

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