photo v carve laser post processor

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photo v carve laser post processor

Post by stewali »

Anyone have a laser postp for the cnc piranha that works in photo v carve. have tried all of the postp on next wave automation web site and all give an error.

Tim Owens
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Re: photo v carve laser post processor

Post by Tim Owens »

I would have you use the post processor for the shark should work fine on the PhotoVcarve.
However PhotoVcarve has nothing to do with laser. It controls the depth of the Z in relationship to the darkness of the color when carving with a router.
If you are trying to etch a photo then I would use the Piranha control panel that has that function built into it.
you can download it here ... x?recid=29

This control panel will also connect to the sharks for those that would like to use a laser on there sharks.

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