Pausing a carving

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Pausing a carving

Post by CyberBiker »

It isn't difficult to create a carving file that takes several hours to complete. What is the best way to pause a CNC Shark HD 4 w/pendant so that it will restart at the proper place in the file and use the proper Zero Point data?

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Re: Pausing a carving

Post by sk8nmike »

I've yet to find a really good way to pause a carving. But what I do is move back to 0,0,0 and then move the z axis down until it's in good contact with carving material. Then power off the Shark...

I've also used an edge finder with varied success. And moving the gantry until hit mechanical zero and then using the offset function in Aspire. Method one seems to be the most reliable but not 100%

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Re: Pausing a carving

Post by Rando »

What I do is add a "Pause" entry into the join-file for my project that looks like this:

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// <PartialMatchToTapFile>,<join>[,<join>...]
// <join>=[<stepNumber> || <pause>],[...]
2017-017-001 Oak Towel Racks v1.01.006, s01, s04 s05, s06 s07 pause s08 s09
2017-017-001 Oak Towel Racks v1.01.008, s01, s02 s03 s04
That controls how the set of split-apart toolpaths are rejoined. The s-numbers are the individual feature-level toolpaths, and each comma-separated set represents a single overall step in the processing, also known as a "combination" file.

So for me, that kind of thing is completely trivial. But, you have to have adopted an end-to-end solution that will let you manage the toolpath data effective. Whether it's Fusion 360, Vectric or BobCAD/CAM, they all suck at it. I happened to have taken matters into my own hands.

But, unless you want to completely change how you organize your data, don't even both asking for it. :D.


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