Shark II vs Shark HD500

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Shark II vs Shark HD500

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I'm new to CNC and deciding on a machine. I looked at quite a few brands and narrowed it down to just a couple, one being NWA. I really like the Shark HD510, but it's a bit more than I want to spend and probably a bit too large for my small shop.

I then decided to step it down a notch and on the NWA site they show the Shark II. Seems to be closer to the size and amount i want to spend. Then i went to the Woodcraft site, they show the Shark HD500, which looks like it"s really the same as the one on the NWA site. Rockler didn't show either one. ;)

So, is the Shark II and HD500 the same machine? Is the HD500 just a smaller HD 510/520? Any benefit buying from one place or another?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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