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Re: Not to proud to ask for help

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:59 pm
by dmyers
Ok, well my neighbor came by today and he made a new rounding tool path everything from scratch same errors.
We think the controller board that I bought with the 4th axis is bad! That is the only thing we have NO control over.
I can cut 2D or 3D with out the 4axis set and everything works fine. I don't know if NextWave is aware of any problems with the 4th axis controller PC boards before but I will try to contact them this week and see if they say hardware, software or user error.
I'll keep posting until I get this thing working or it goes in the trash.


Re: Not to proud to ask for help

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:05 pm
by dmyers
Well I finally heard from NextWave. I called them and talked to a tech, who told me he would send some test files for me to run and he would send it out within the hour. 6 hours later I called back and left a voice mail, no returned call. Called the next day and left another voice mail, no returned call. Called again before they closed, left a voice mail no returned call.
Got an email last night with a name and email address of someone they thought could help me. Tried the email address and found out that was an invalid email. Now I have to wait until Monday and call and leave more voice mails. I have never had better than a 15-20 percent chance of ever talking with someone when I call with a problem and have never received a call back, I will get an email some times.
So I'm stuck for another weekend with no working 4th axis. I still believe it a back controller board I bought with the 4th axis. But the one and only time I talked to a tech, he said they have never had that parable I'm having with them.

Re: Not to proud to ask for help

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:15 am
by sabrinal06
dmyers wrote:Rick,
Well no luck again. I watched your video again and paused it at every step and the results were the same.
Any way, I checked my software and I'm on v2.1 Build 17 I noticed that v2.1 Build 22 is available could that be part of the problem?
Set X, Y and Z to 0.00 per your video moved to the head stock and Z= was at 2.010 for the head stock offset. Moved to the tail stock and Z= 0.652 for the tail stock offset. Moved to offset position, X= 4.500. Y= 0.000 and Z= 2.457.
Loaded the rounding tool path started the run Z starts at 1.155 on the head stock end and as it gets to the tail stock end it's up to Z= 1.246. The g-code as it running for the first pass shows
Z=1.166. The cords on the Motor end once it's set are X= 0.00 Y= 0.00 and Z= 0.00 the tail stock end cords after it's set are X= 17.486 Y= 0.00 and Z= 0.146.
I jogged the bit down to just touch the wood while I still had the program loaded and ran it along the X axis and it tracked left to right on Z= .909 the entire lenght of the board.
Note: I updated software to v2.1 Buils 22 and re-ran everything again with same results mutuelles TNS. Put a digital level on the table and it's perfectly level put the level ont the wood it's level even put on the 4th axis motor and it's level. changed the preset in the preferences for the tail stock from 0, .25, .5, .625 with all the same results. I would think that when the tail stock cords are set they would read X= 17.486 which is correct for the board I have mounted, Y= 0.00 which is correct as it tracks in a straight line from the head stock to the tail stock. What is puzzeling is that the Z= 0.146. I would expect it to be Z=0.000 like the head stock. It should take the Z= cordinate and combine it with the tail stock pre-set in the preference add should come out to Z= 0.000. I see know way to edit this to get the correct setting.

Thanks again for your time.

I never knew how to update manually because I have to disable the automatic update process to navigate quietly on the internet.