Loosing depth on cuts

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Re: Loosing depth on cuts

Post by Bob »

It looks like you nailed it in your second post: "Is the gantry set too high? Might lower the gantry, I have mine set at the middle ones."
Gary might have misunderstood that solution.

What are you going to do for your solution? Just lowering the bit so it sticks further out of the collet can be dangerous. Having a thicker spoilboard would be a solution. But, lowering that gantry looks best. Lowering the router/spindle in the mount could also work.

Just my thoughts,

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Re: Loosing depth on cuts

Post by GaryShaine »

Yes, I’ve plenty of room left to move the spindle down. that’s what I’d did that worked. Beginner mistake. :D I was so close (1/4”) from cutting through, I just couldn’t imagine that was the issue. But, I knew it had to be something simple that I was overlooking. Lesson learned and only cost me a little time. Again, thanks for taking the time to help figure it out. It’s appreciated!

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Re: Loosing depth on cuts

Post by csmithwoodworking »

GaryShaine wrote:Hi,
I tried another cut using a file I got from the Next Wave forum. It's the pendent stand plans that are set up for half inch mdf which is pretty flat. It's loosing 1/4" depth consistently throughout, so it's cutting only halfway through & I believe it to be very flat. When zeroing the Z, I even went a little lower than the surface. What could be going on here? I was thinking maybe the post processor, but I believe I'm using the correct one (albeit it seems it was last updated in 2012)
This is the one I'm using... CNCShark-USB_NewArcs_inch Vcarve, Aspire and Cut 3D Post Processor (1/13/2012)

Here's a quick video of the project...

I see you have solved your issues. I'd like to know where you found your plans for the pendant stand. I made an adjustable version, but I like the looks of that one. Could you share the CRV files or the link to where you found it? I've searched and can't find it anywhere.

I'll C-N-C ya later!

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