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Postby BarberShop » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:24 am

I have posted on this site about my lack of satisfaction with NWA without any results. I have made my adjustments and compensations for these issues. Now I see two new (to me) resolutions to these problems. Both are from NWA, and both cost money. The problem is deflection at the Y-axis. First, the HD4 PERFORMANCE KIT option. The product is well worded as to not directly state what the problem is that the performance kit solves. At $59.99, I would hope for a video of the application and results of the improvement, if any. As is presented, this is a leap of faith purchase that might best be handled as a recall fix with the owner needing to contact NWA for this fix. It is indeed a performance kit that enhances the output performance of the Y-axis, but this would not be required if that performance was on par with the X and Z-axis tolerances. This issue is why I believe it should be considered a "FIX" and not a "Performance Kit." The second resolution is the buy the new HD5 with improvements directly addressing this issue. Rails mounted to the aluminum gantry, and aluminum router mounting both are steps taken that I feel will improve deflection. With my HD4 only two months old, this is not an economical solution for me.
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